Two of the main organizations dedicated to feeding the hungry in Arlington plan to merge this summer.

Andi Doane, director of the Arlington Food Pantry, and Lauren Ledger, co-founder of Arlington EATS, told the Advocate in an interview last week that the merger of the two groups would be effective July 1 for the start of the next fiscal year.

“We are just excited and we think this will be good not just for both of our organizations, but the community as a whole,” said Doane, who said that she thinks the merger would enable both organizations to do more.  “We have a lot of respect for the food pantry,” added Ledger, who also serves as a board member to the pantry. “This will allow us to capitalize on the efficiencies of what we both have. It’s kind of a no-brainer.”

According to both Doane and Ledger, talks over a merger began a year ago due to the fact that both the pantry and EATS serve similar populations in town.

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